Centralia Businessman Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail

A Centralia businessman was sentenced on Wednesday, inside the Marion County court, to 4-years in prison, after he entered a guilty plea to reckless homicide.  59-year-old Thomas Joy plead guilty back in December to a Class 3 felony for reckless homicide, in exchange for his misdemeanor DUI and traffic citation being dismissed.  According to authorities, in May 2018, Joy pulled his pickup truck out of an alleyway, next to the Broadway Tavern in Central City, which went into the path of 65-year-old Jerry Clarkson’s motorcycle, causing a crash that resulted in Clarkson’s death.  Evidence was presented in court, which showed that Joy had been served 2 beers and 2 shots of whisky in a 45-minute time period at the tavern, before the crash happened.  The defense then asked for probation from the judge, while the State’s Attorney was asking for a prison sentence.  The maximum available sentence that Joy could have gotten was 5-years in jail, which eventually was negotiated down to 4.  It was also noted that Joy lied to police about the amount he had to drink prior to the crash and claimed that he had stopped before pulling out of the alleyway.  The Judge eventually sentenced him to 4-years in prison, where he was transported to the Department of Corrections.