Centralia Man Arrested, After Having 30 Outstanding Felony Warrants

A man from Centralia, who fled prosecution after having nearly 30 outstanding felonies and traffic charges, was reportedly apprehended in Wisconsin.  32-year-old TJ Howard had previously fled prosecution on the same outstanding cases, and was captured in California last summer.  While Howard was at large for the 1st time, the court ordered a portion of the nearly $65,000 combined in bond, that he had posted on the numerous cases, dating as far back as 2011, to be forfeited to the state.  When he was returned from California, his bail was set at $150,000, with Howard freeing himself by posting the required $15,000 cash bond.  Howard is now being held with no-bond, after a warrant was sent for his arrest for failing to appear at a February 2018 jury trial, in regard to a felony for driving while having a revoked license.  The Marion County jury took 15 minutes on the case back in August, where a guilty verdict was given.  He will now have a sentencing hearing for his 2016 case, which charged him with 2 counts of aggravated fleeing and eluding police, and 2 counts of driving while having a suspended or revoked license.  All 4 counts that he faces are Class 4 felonies.