City Council Approves Purchase of New Tandem Axel Recycling Trailer

The Nashville City Council met for a regular meeting this past Thursday.  At that meeting, they re-appointed Denny Hoffman to the Planning Commission, for a 3-year term.  They city approved a resolution, which will close main street in Nashville for the homecoming parade on October 11th, from 1245 to 230pm.  Police Chief Brian Fletcher announced that North Court Street and Elm Street, from the Sheriff’s Office to the City’s Parking Lot, will be closed for the Christmas tree lighting, which was approved by the city.  Also Fletcher said that 2 squad cars are getting ready for auction and be available for sale here soon.  A proposal was brought up for a new tandem axel recycling trailer, for $14,575, which is a better trailer than the old one, sitting at 21 cubic yards.  That proposal was approved, and on who will man the trailer and where it will be located, or if a small fee will be included, will be discussed at another meeting.  Also 110 residents used the recycling service in August, adding up to 3.17 tons of recyclable materials.  It was announced that it was time to purchase carbon filters for the water plant, with the price being $56,400.  That was approved by councilmen, where it was stated that these filters could last anywhere form 3 to 5 years.  Pay request number 5 to EVCO, in regard to the water tower painting project was approved, for an amount of $21,300.  The city approved to donate $250 to the Annual Nashville Alumni Homecoming, which is held every year at the Community Center.  Lastly the library stated that they need a new micro film reader, which they said that they will request a grant for a new one.  The next city council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 19th at 7pm, at city hall.