Four Accidents Reported in our Area

Four accidents were reported in our area this past week.  The 1st one happened on Wednesday, April 3rd, along South Mill Street in Nashville.  Officers responded to the Casey’s General Store, where Michelle Woodside of Pinckneyville backed up into Patrick Bielong’s truck, which was parked while he was getting fuel from a pump.  Information was gathered at the scene and a crash report was completed.  2 accidents were called in on Saturday, April 6th.  The 1st one was at around 11am, where Leilla Powell, of Nashville, was backing out of a parking spot at the Dollar General in town, when she failed to see Lawrence Hutson’s parked vehicle and ran into the driver’s side, resulting in damages.  Information was gathered for a crash report and exchanged between the two owners.  Also on Saturday, a single-vehicle accident was called in along county highway 27, in rural Nashville.  24-year-old Sierra Aubrey of Okawville ended up crashing, after swerving to miss a deer.  The final accident was on Sunday, April 7th.  Sheriff’s deputies responded to State Route 15, near old State Route 15, where 44-year-old Kevin Kraft, of Belleville, lost control of his motorcycle and overturned.  Kraft was cited for violating the classification of no motorcycle endorsement.