Illinois Lawmakers Question ISP Backlog of DNA Testing

Illinois lawmakers are asking Illinois State Police officials about how long it takes to run DNA tests on evidence from murder cases and other crime scene investigations, amid scrutiny of the state’s backlog of untested DNA. State Police Officers explain to lawmakers that people who are killed in crimes take time to run the tests, which is why there is a backlog of these cases. The agency currently has 3,700 cases on hold at one of their labs, which is for 752 murder cases. The Illinois State Police Department can run a DNA test in as little as a day or two, but that is only if there is just one DNA sample on a single piece of evidence. The more that they need to test, the longer it will take. Lawmakers are worried that if these cases take too long with DNA testing, then that would prevent some cases from being solved sooner. ISP says that even if they add additional scientists for the testing, it would take roughly 5-years to clear the backlog they currently have.