Income Tax Returns Are Due Today

Today is the final day to file your income tax returns, with federal authorities having a message for all taxpayers…Tax fraud can land you in prison.  Since today is the deadline for filing your income tax returns, all residents are asked to file them.  John Milhiser is a US attorney for the Illinois central district, and he says that prosecutors work year-round to hold accountable to, “those who attempt to cheat the system for person gain.”  Milhiser and Gabriel Grchan of the IRS noted that there have been a series of recent tax-fraud cases, since Grchan is a special agent in charge of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division in Chicago.  One person is currently serving 8 years in prison, after attempting to scheme $1.8-million in refunds from 300 fraudulent tax returns.  Also another man from Springfield got 18 months in jail and had to pay $1-million in restitution for underreporting business income.