Lead Poisoning Act For Children Under 6 Approved

Illinois health officials are requesting around $5-million more from the state, in order to implement new rules aimed at identifying and caring for children under 6-years-old who were diagnosed with lead poisoning.  Reports from the Illinois Department of Health say that they received around $10-million this past fiscal year, in order to send nurses and inspectors into the homes of children who tested positive for lead poisoning.  Under the rules, action can be taken if 5 micrograms of lead is found in a deciliter of a child’s blood.  Experts say that lead can cause behavioral problems, developmental delays and other health issues.  Bob Palmer, who is a policy director for Housing Action Illinois, says that an additional 6,000 children could be eligible for environmental testing and medical care under the new rules.  The Housing Action Illinois is an advocate for safe and affordable housing in Illinois.