L&N Train Depot Has Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

It was many years from the planning to the renovation, but the 115-year old Louisville and Nashville Railroad Depot in Nashville had a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday at the intersection of Kaskaskia and First Streets.  The train depot has served many people, including young men going off to World War I and World War II.  In 1971, passenger trains were discontinued on the L & N line.  A campaign to save the depot was begun in 1982 and it was eventually purchased by the Historical Society of Washington County, but the land is still leased from the railroad company.  Rosalee Boreup was President of the Historical Society a few years ago and got the ball rolling on the renovation project, which was completed through the work of many volunteers, who were not only from Nashville and she talks about the work done.  They tried to keep it period correct, because it had been painted a different color, so the current colors are the original colors, except for the red trim, but the green and cream-like colors were the original colors of the original depot.

L&N outside

The inside is exactly the same, as they only cleaned it up and took off the dirt.

L&N inside

The L & N Depot will not be open every day, but the Historical Society will have it open at different times throughout the year.  Santa Claus will be visiting Nashville several times beginning on November 28th for Santa Saturday, and he will be at the train depot during those times, as it has been decorated for the holidays.  Boreup thanked everyone that helped in any way to get the renovation project done.