Nashville City Council Approves Concrete Bid for the City

The Nashville City Council met on Thursday for a regular monthly meeting.  At that meeting, the council approved on a concrete bid from Beelman Ready Mix for $95 for anything under 2 yards, and $87 for anything over 2 yards.  The repeater for the department is up and running, so that employees can communicate with each other over a certain distance.  The Motor Fuel Tax resolution, which was approved last meeting, was officially approved by IDOT.  It was announced that progress is continuing for the railroad crossing improvement project just north of town.  253 residents used the recycling service, which accumulated 13,440 pounds of recyclable material, or around 6.7 tons.  The Eagle Scouts were approved to begin their reservoir project, which they will help out with the reservoir and their fish habitat.  No issues were brought up and they will be allowed to have their project there.  The gas department was approved to begin their process of replacement a backhoe, since it was having transmission issues.  Also the Annual City Gas Meeting will be held on March 21st at the Nashville American Legion, with a social hour at 530, dinner at 6 and the presentation at 7.  Craig and Keith Marquart were approved on their bid for leasing out farming ground from the city, for $4,200 per year for 3 years.  Also the South Bryan Property received zero bids, so the city will now be in the process to demolishing the trailer.  Police Chief Brian Fletcher announced that the new department K-9 has officially finished up his training and now just needs to pass the on training exam, before coming to Nashville.  The next city council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 21st