Nashville City Council Donates $12,000 to Chamber of Commerce

The Nashville City Council met on Thursday for a regular meeting.  During the meeting, Nashville Chamber of Commerce President Tom Speedie asked for the city to donate $12,000 once again this year, in support of the chamber and all that they do.  That was approved, with Speedie saying that the Fall Fest saw a 10-percent increase on attendance from the previous year.  Also the Fall Fest this year will be held on September 27th and 28th, in the same spot as usual.  So they will use East Court and East Elm Street to the Ambulace Service area, all the way to the library and the intersection of Kaskaskia Drive and Walnut Street.  The Water and Sewer committee will be meeting sometime this week, or next week, in regard to the discussion of water rates inside of city limits.  It was announced at the meeting that the 1st water tower near city hall is almost completed, with the south tower next to be painted.  Before they closed session, Mayor Eric Rolf announced that the council will only meet for one time next month, since their meeting takes place on July 4th.  They will only meet on July 11th at City Hall due to the holiday.  After that they will return to the regular bi-monthly meetings on August 1st and 15th.