NCHS Approved 2018-2019 Amended Budget

The Nashville High School Board of Education met on Monday for a regular monthly meeting.  At the meeting, they held their 2018-2019 Amended Budget hearing, which was approved.  2019 was an increase of 5.5-percent on district revenue, with the district being $171,000 in the positive.  Operations and Maintenance was in the red by just under $10,000, however there was $20,000 in scoreboard payments, which will be paid back, so the overall back would be at around $10,000 for the O&M budget.  Transportation was in the red by $108,872, which did include the midbus purchase and 4 payments from the state, so that figure is around $60,000 in the red.  The Health Life Safety fund was in the red by just under $22,000, which included architect fees and payments for the new roof.  In other business, Principal Mark Bergando announced that this year will feature a new program called the freshman academy, similar to the senior mentor program from last year.  Also the 2019-2020 calendar was adjusted, since it only included 2 teacher institute days instead of 4.  That will not change any of the student attended days however.  A renewal and payment for property and casualty insurance, along with worker’s comp insurance was approved with Prairie State Insurance Co-op, with the property insurance going up by 5-percent and the worker’s comp going down by 16-percent.  Superintendent Brad Turner was given the approval to begin preparing the 2019-2020 budget, with the district applying for the ESEA Title 1 and 2 grants.  Humphrey Photography was approved to a 5-year contract renewal for the same rate as last year to help provide yearbook pictures.  A new steam table was approved for a cost of $4,600, since the old one was part of the original equipment used in 1976.  30 student desks, for a cost of $6 to 7,000, and new office furniture, for $3,300, was approved as well.  After closed session, the board approved the resignation of Erica Patton as the Senior Class Sponsor, with Jennifer Maschoff being approved as the new sponsor.  Also Patricia Heiman was approved as a new hire to the Academic Enrichment Program.