NCHS Board Approves Tentative 2019-2020 Budget

Nashville High School District 99 and their board of education met on Tuesday for a regular monthly meeting.  During the meeting, Principal Mark Bergando stated that the newly added freshman academy was a huge success, with freshman parents and students having the opportunity to learn about high school before school started.  Also the 2nd reading and adoption of revised board policies were approved, including 2 of them that were discussed.  Superintendent Brad Turner stated that in one of them, in regard to public speaking in front of the board, would be a maximum of 5 minutes per person, 20 minutes on one subject and 30 minutes in total for residents to address the board.  Also approved was an update to one policy, to allow fund balance changes for Turner, if it is necessary and time sensitive.  The tentative 2019-2020 budget was approved, which says that NCHS is good and in the green on all balances, except transportation and health life safety.  Transportation is traditionally in the red, since it is heavily relied on the state for funding, and HLS is in the red, due to the roof replacement and track resurfacing projects.  The board also approved the purchase of 3 NCHS state banners, an elite 8 banner for girl’s basketball, 4th in state banner for girl’s volleyball, and 2nd in state for boy’s basketball.  There was a discussion on the possibility of having only state placed teams on banners, since it will cost less in the future, but will be addressed at another meeting.  After closed session, the board approved the resignation of Assistant Music Director Sydney Weathers and the employment of piano accompanist Becky Stininger, plus the approval of all winter and spring coaches.  The next board meeting for Nashville High School District 99 will be on Tuesday, September 24th at 630pm.