New Gambling Help Site Created in Illinois

The Illinois Department of Human Services announced that they will launch their statewide website, in order to provide access to treatment and recovery for those who are impacted by gambling disorders.  The website will be, with a number being 1800-gambler, along with an outlet for individuals who are experiencing gambling disorders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Support specialists are able to operate the helpline and the website, since they are trained in evidence-based approaches, in order to help callers and w4eb users with treatment and with recovery support services.  During a recent survey from the National Survey of Problem Gambling Services, where they reported that over 2-percent of adults in Illinois may have a problem with gambling.  This website helps individuals who suffer from some type of gambling disorder, in order to help find the best treatment option.  Treatment varies with each individual, but often stigma and shame prevent individuals with gambling disorders from asking for help.  IDHS gambling treatment programs also help with the participation of the National Council on Problem Gambling campaigns.  Again for more information call them at 1800-gambler, or visit their website at