New Parole System Approved by Pritzker

Governor JB Pritzker has officially signed a legislation that would create a new parole system for young offenders.  The mid-sentence parole consideration process for those people who are convicted and younger than 20-years-old would qualify.  The Prisoner Review board would examine each case, with victims, witnesses and others having the ability to offer opinions with their identities shielded.  Consideration may occur after 10 years of incarceration for most crimes, with additional hearing coming at 15 and 20 years for offenders who were denied earlier.  Offenders guilty of more serious crimes, such as 1st degree murder or aggravated criminal sexual assault, might not be eligible for hearing until after 20 or 30 years of being in prison.  The law would also create a preparation process for younger offenders, so they could receive information on parole, legal guidance and rehabilitation.