Out of State Abortions in Illinois Up From Last Year

A report from the Illinois Department of Public Health states that more women have been crossing state lines, in order to get abortions in Illinois. A report came out that showed over 5,500 women from other states who traveled to Illinois last year to have the procedure. That’s up by 1,000 from the 2016 report. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland Spokeswoman Becca Lee says that the increased abortion restrictions have forced women to incur additional expenses, in order to have access for safe, legal abortion procedures. Timna Axel is a volunteer with the Midwest Access Coalition, which is a nonprofit organization from Chicago, and she says that there are they host women from Indiana and Wisconsin in recent years to help out offset such traveling costs. Illinois Right to Life Executive Director Mary Kate Knorr says that the increase is a sign of Illinois beginning a regressive approach in protecting pre-born children.