Pritzker to Sign New State Budget, with Lawmakers Pay Raised Still in Tact

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker says that he plans on signing the new state budget as it is, along with a $1,600 pay increase to all of the 177 members of the state General Assembly.  That means that Pritzker will not invoke a constitutional power, that would let him block the raises, while letting the rest of the state budget take into effect.  Pritzker stated that this was a highly negotiated budget, with Republicans and Democrats involved.  Pritzker also defended state lawmakers, saying that he was surprised at, “how hard these legislators are working, since they are away from their families and working night and day.”  The raise comes from a 2.4-percent cost-of-living adjustment to legislators, and their base salary of $67,836.  This is the 1st pay raise that lawmakers in Illinois have had since 2008.