Rainfall at Average for month of March

In total rainfall for the month of March, we saw 4.66 inches of rain.  According to the Nashville Water Plant, we had 2.1 inches of rain back on March 25th and 1.38 inches on March 31st.  Our total rainfall for the year is at 13.6 inches, which is less then last year and a little high for the average this time of year.  We also law ½ an inch of snow back on March 4th, bringing our total for the year at 14 inches.  In March, our temperature swing was a high of 73 on March 15th and a low of 4-degrees on March 4th, with the average temperature being 41 degrees.  That temperature is a little below average from a usual month of March.  April and May normally brings the most rainfall in the Nashville area compared to the other 10 months.