Washington County Board Approves Extended Contract with Okawville’s TIF District

The Washington County Board met this past Tuesday for a regular meeting.  At that meeting, the highway department was approved for 3 culvert replacements along Sunflower Road, in Johannisburg, for a cost of $2,370, $1,560 and $1,500.  Under the treasurer’s monthly report, treasurer Natalie Lynch announced that tax bills have been sent out, totaling over $2.9-million and over 19,000 bills.  She stated that the 1st installment is due on October 7th and the 2nd one due on November 7th.  That can be done either ronline, in person or though the mail.  Also for the 1st time this year, $300,000 in Prairie State Funding was transferred to General Fund.  Blain Morris was approved to change some of his agriculture land to residential R1, so he may build a house.  The village of Okawville’s TIF District was approved for an extended contract, with Mayor Dave Jasper in attendance and answering questions from the board.  It was announced that the jail renovations will be put on hold, since there has been mixed feeling on whether to hire an architect for HVAC work or having that done by another company.  On the record, it was noted that this is declared an emergency, since the county will allow the equipment to go on until it breaks.  There has been HVAC problems to the south third of the building, on the administrative side of the sheriff’s office.  The roofing project to the jail will be done next summer.  Also it was announced that the recycling truck will no longer be maintained by the County, since the city of Nashville is working on having their own service that would be done in house.  The next county board meeting is going to be on Tuesday, August 8th at 7pm.