Young Centralia Man Sent to Hospital and Found Unresponsive

A young male has been sent to an area hospital, after being beaten up and found unresponsive.  A male was attempting to drive down Lincoln Street in Centralia, at around 820pm on Monday, when he saw a group of around 15 teens standing in the middle of the street blocking his way.  When he did finally get past the group, he noticed a young man unconscious, unresponsive and seizing, with a bloody and swollen face.  The man then called 9-11, and stayed with the young man until an officer arrived.  Once officers arrived, it was discovered that there was a crowd of around 15 to 20 people in the street, so backup was called in.  Officers were then dispatched to the hospital that the young man was at, since the crowd had gathered outside and was trying to break down the doors, after being denied entry.  The 15-year-old juvenile was airlifted to a St. Louis area hospital for treatment of his injuries, with his condition unknown at this time.  Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Centralia Police at 618-533-76-02.