The unemployment figures from the Illinois Department of Employment Security, Economic Information and Analysis Division came out last week.  In that report, Illinois saw their unemployment rise, due to Covid-19, to 16.4-percent unemployed in April, with the US figure at 14.7-percent.  In Washington County, the unemployment rate was at 17.5-percent and ranked 20th highest in the state, up from 2.2-percent last year in April.  In our area, unemployment was 13.7 in Clinton County, 14.2 in Jackson, 16.1 in St. Clair and Randolph, 21.5 in Perry, 10th highest in the state, 22.6 in Marion 7th highest, 23.8 in Franklin tied for 2nd highest and 27-percent in Jefferson, the highest in unemployment in Illinois.  Rankings state wide were 1st, 2nd, 7th, 10th and 20th in the state for highest in unemployment for our area.  The lowest in unemployment for April was Moutrie county with 8.1-percent unemployed.