CENTRALIA — Centralia Public Works officials are warning of the dangers of entering storm sewers after three teens were reportedly found to have entered a sewer line Monday night through a manhole.

A resident in the area of Fourth and Walnut in Centralia reportedly alerted authorities after seeing the teens lower themselves through a manhole but not climbing back out.

Public works officials warn rainfall could quickly fill up sewer lines which could result in possible drowning or injury for anyone in the sewer lines at the time.

A Centralia firefighter helping in the search for the teens wore a rope and monitor when entering the sewer line but was unable to locate them.

A public works employee ultimately found an open manhole near Fifth and Maple with fresh footprints leading from the hole. It was then believed the teens had exited the sewer at that location.

A friend of the teens provided authorities with the names of the teens saying he’d seen them a few minutes earlier and they were not only safe but were bragging about going down into the storm sewer.

Upon contacting the parents, officials were able to confirm the teens were safe.