UPDATE: Brodey Murbarger found guilty of murdering Megan Nichols in 2014.

WAYNE COUNTY — A Wayne County jury has started deliberations in the case charging 26-year-old Brodey Murbarger with the 2014 murder and disappearance of his high school girlfriend Megan Nichols.

During the more than two-week trial, jurors heard testimony from multiple witnesses – some of them surprising.

FBI investigator William O’Sullivan testified Wednesday about the more than 7,000 text messages exchanged between Murbarger and Nichols between December 2013 and February 2014.

O’Sullivan said the messages at first were romantic and sexual in nature and included several references to the couple planning a runaway in mid-2014.

But in February 2014 the messages reflected a more tumultuous relationship, with Murbarger at one point calling Nichols ‘annoying.’

The state then rested its case and the defense not only called Murbarger’s father Jayson Murbarger to the stand but called the defendant himself to testify.

The father and son were asked about blood found in the defendant’s car prosecutors argued was used to transport Megan’s body to a rural Boyleston field where it was buried.

A farmer found the remains three years after the 15-year-old girl was reported missing.

Jayson Murbarger testified the trunk on his son’s car often leaked water, but he was unaware of any other fluids that may be in the trunk.

Brodey Murbarger testified that Megan’s blood was in his car after a sexual encounter, in which he used his shirt to clean the blood.

He said he then placed the shirt in the trunk, where leaking water caused the blood to spread. Murbarger stated he disposed of the shirt in a ditch.

In closing arguments Thursday, prosecutors told the jury Murbarger’s story has changed several times and that the varying stories contradict each other.

They also reminded jurors that Murbarger told others he’d gone to Megan’s Fairfield home around 9:30 p.m. July 3, 2014 — the night she disappeared.

The defense, however, argued the evidence is speculation and circumstantial. They told the jurors there was no motive for Murbarger to kill Nichols