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V1047 is soft enough for background listening, but lively enough to turn up and enjoy. It’s music that helps people feel good. It’s the perfect workplace format, but our listeners enjoy it at home and on weekends, too! Our personalities add topical content and fun, without getting in the way of the great music flow.

We have Nashville Hornet, Hornette, and Okawville Rocket and Lady Rocket sports too, click and see our sports schedule to view what sports we are airing on the V!

Also check out our Archives, where we have games that we have done live over the air over the past few years!!

Plus we offer special coverage of Grade School Sports, up at the SIJHSAA state tournament and the IHSA 1a and 2a State Tournament in Boy’s Basketball up in Peoria!

V1047 also serves as Washington County’s sports voice with a multitude of sports play-by-play. You’re also never too far from news or weather on V1047, keeping listeners well-connected with the goings-on in the listening area with the Washington County and Clinton County Reports.  We also have the Coaches Corner, every Saturday Morning at 1015, with NCHS High School Coaches!

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We also have “Bo Stories“, where Bo Meyer explains different stories of his time in radio!