A former real estate agent, stand-up comedian, and high school English teacher, Anna finally found her true calling, radio. She has been entertaining audiences for over a decade and partnered with co-host Jay Raven in 2015 to launch The Anna and Raven Show. Together, they’ve received numerous awards and accolades.

Anna is first generation American and is proud of her parent’s Italian roots. She earned her undergraduate bachelor’s degree from Pace University in New York and her master’s degree from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut.

She married her college sweetheart, Paul, and they have two daughters that you can often hear on the air.

Her biggest passion, besides naps, pizza and ‘90s hip hop, is helping to raise awareness and funds for the many charities that she works with such as Make-A-Wish, the American Cancer Society, the Center for Family Justice, as well as her strong support for animal rescues.