5 Marion County Businesses in Trouble, After Selling Alcohol to Minors

5 Marion County businesses, and their clerks, are facing possible charges, after they reportedly sold alcohol to people under 21-years-old.  This was a check done by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, where they checked out 20 businesses on their liquor license compliance.  According to the report, the Skipper’s Inn in Centralia, Blue Goose Liquor in Wamac, Biggie’s at Route 161 and I-57, Fast Stop in Patoka and the Iuka General Store, all sold alcohol to minors, during the compliance check.  The sheriff’s department was joined in their efforts by local police departments, in assisting the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, in completing the compliance checks.  An underage person was sent into each location, in order to determine if they would sell the alcohol to the minor.  The checks included randomly through the county, including Salem, Centralia, Wamac, Central City, Sandoval, Patoka, Walnut Hill, Kell, Junction City, Iuka and Kinmundy.