Casinos Expected to Pop Up in Illinois, With Gambling Now Allowed

Casinos in Southern Illinois and 5 other cities are coming to Illinois, after Senate lawmakers approved a massive gambling expansion bill this past Sunday.  Lawmakers approved Senate Bill 690, by a vote of 46-10, after it was approved by House lawmakers the day before.  Governor JB Pritzker has already announced his intention to sign the bill into law, which paves the way for some Las Vegas-style sports betting, but prohibits placing wagers on any game involving an Illinois collegiate team.  It is estimated that gambling expansion, along with other revenue raising measures in the bill, could give Illinois over $12-billion over the next 6 years.  That construction would go towards new casinos, authorized by the bill at Walker’s Bluff in Williamson County, one in Danville, one in Waukegan, Rockford, plus in downtown Chicago and the south Chicago suburbs.  Through a news release, Pritzker stated his support of the measure and praised the lawmakers who have unsuccessfully tried to expand gambling inside the state for years.