Centralia Family Dollar Store Will Close Sometime This Month

The Family Dollar Store in Centralia is going to be one of around 400 stores that will be closing their site sometime this month.  Dollar Tree Incorporated, which is a parent company of the budget stores Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, said they will close 390 stores in 2019.  The news comes on the heels of the company, who are trying to revamp some of their stores last year and make them more exciting for shoppers.  The Centralia store has marked down much of their inventory, and will wither shut their doors by mid-June or whenever inventory is cleared out.  The company says that with this shutdown, 1,000 Family Dollar locations will be able to renovate and improve, while 200 stores will be rebranded into Dollar Trees.  They also plan on opening 350 new Dollar Tree locations and 200 new Family Dollar stores across the country.