Centralia Man Charged with Pointing a Gun at an Officer

A Centralia man is in jail, after he was arrested on multiple charges, including pointing a firearm at a police officer.  The incident reportedly occurred on Friday night, inside of a car outside of the east side Casey’s store in Centralia.  The man was identified as 51-year-old Robert Manley, who allegedly pointed a gun at an officer, before getting out of the car with his weapon and attempted to flee on foot.  A brief chase then ensued, where Manley allegedly dropped or threw his gun, and the officer tased him and took him into custody.  He was then charged with armed violence unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon, aggravated assault and reckless driving.  The gun that Manley pointed at the officer was apparently loaded and another gun was allegedly found in his vehicle.  Many told the officer that he would have shot him, however, he could not get the gun out of his holster.