Centralia Will Have No Mayer, While Still in Court

The City of Centralia will be without a mayor for the foreseeable future, with a judge placing a temporary halt to the appointment of a pro-tem mayor.  This is due to a battle over the recent election and what the court’s rule in the case.  Over the objection of attorneys representing the City of Centralia, an emergency motion for a temporary injunction was granted to Centralia Mayor-Elect Bryan Kuder.  The judge made the ruling on Friday, with an injunction and date set for Friday, May 17th at 930am.  This was 4 days after the city council planned on appointing a mayor pro-tem, to replace their outgoing Mayor Tom Ashby, whose term wrapped up on Monday.  Centralia City Attorneys argued that the injunction would leave the city without a mayor and without the ability to pass any ordinances, without having a liquor commissioner and no person to enforce the tobacco code.  Kuder claimed in court that he was a qualified elector, lived in the city one year prior to the election and obtained the majority of the votes in the election.