DQ State Fair Increases on Grandstand Tickets, Plus More Revenue Than Last Year

The Du Quoin State Fair is being deemed as a major success by fair organizers, which ended back on September 1st.  The 2019 Grandstand sold nearly 15,800 tickets this year, which was 26-percent higher than the previous year by almost 3,300 tickets.  Also revenue form the grandstand entertainment increased by around 37-percent.  Governor JB Pritzker stated, “The State Fair in Du Quoin is an economic engine for Southern Illinois, and I am happy to see that the fair grew dramatically compared to last year.”  These numbers show not only the success that the fair had this year, but the potential to grow in the future, according to State Fair Manager Josh Gross.  He continued by saying that work has begun on the 2020 lineup, which is expected to be bigger and better.  Attendance numbers are still being calculated and are expected to be released sometime this week.