Illinois General Assembly To Meet Again in 2019 With Newly Elected Representatives

The Illinois General Assembly has officially ended their fall session, as Democrats anticipate complete control of the state Capitol once the new year hits. The Senate cancelled their session on Thursday, with the House taking limited action as they bid a farewell to its outgoing members. The 100th General Assembly will meet once again on January 7th and 8th next year, before they officially are inaugurated on January 9th. Record Democratic majorities in both houses will watch as newly elected Democratic Governor JB Pritzker is sworn in on January 14th. Key action this week included implementing a law to increase the cap on damage awards in lawsuits against the state to $2-million, up from a cap of $100,000. There will also now be a 90-day deadline in place for police agencies to take action to help immigrant victims of crimes, who cooperate with police in order to get visas to stay in the United States.