Nashville Police Will Have New Lawman Software, Making it Identical to Sheriff’s Office

The Nashville City Council met last Thursday for a regular meeting.  During that meeting, they approved a new lawman software for the police department, which will be identical to the Sheriff’s Department.  The one-time payment of $7,000 was approved for the software, with payment for the system costing the same as the old system per year.  The Sheriff’s Office runs their radio through Digital, while the Nashville PD runs their radio through analog.  This new system will give both departments the same thing, so nothing has to be re-entered.  The annual 2019 Motor Fuel Tax was approved for $154,456.  The payments goes as followed, $77,486 for 170 tons of asphalt, $34,020 for 1,200 tons of slag, $17,000 for 200 tons of street putty, $12,000 for 250 tons of BAM, $8,750 for 700 tons of CAF Rock and $8,300 for spreading chips.  The money from this MFT can begin being spent on May 1st, 2019 and lasts for one year.  Also 3 projects for the street department were approved.  The council approved to give $1,200 on light bulbs, lighting and on the power switch over for 3 public buildings, including the street shed.  It was announced that over 14,560 pounds of recyclable materials were recycled, with 242 residents using the service.  Also all trash days will be returning in May on the 4th, 8th and 11th, with the recycling truck being on hand on the 4th and 11th, which are both Saturdays.  Sealed bids were approved for a mobile home at 193 North Bryan Street and for agricultural farming land across from the Water Plant.  Any interested residents who want to place a bid on the mobile home or on the agricultural land can get in contact with City Hall, with a due date being on February 20th on the two.  The council approved a donation to the Simply the Best organization for $500, which was the donation given last year.  Mayor Eric Rolf announced on Thursday that Ameren has been working on the streets in Nashville to upgrade the lights to LED.  Also the railroad company that will be working on the railroad crossing north of town has been in contact with the city on a possible detour route while work is done and on how to improve the crossing.  The rails would be placed on concrete pads, making vehicles have a smoother approach while crossing.  The work is expected to take place between the next 10 and 12 weeks.  The next city council meeting will be on Thursday, February 21st.