Sports Schedule

The V covers Nashville and Okawville High School Sports, here is our broadcast schedule for Football and Volleyball season

V1047 Sports Stream

11/16/19 2A Playoffs, Nashville vs Pana (TBA)

11/25 Hornette Basketball vs Mascoutah @ Nashville Invitational Tournament (730pm)

11/25/19 Hornet Basketball vs Columbia at Mascoutah (6pm)

11/26/19 Hornet Basketball vs Waterloo at Mascoutah (6pm)

11/26 Hornette Basketball vs Wesclin @ Nashville Invitational Tournament (730pm)

11/30/19 Rocket Basketball vs Hillsboro at Kaskaskian Classic (6pm)

11/30 Hornette Basketball vs Okawville @ Nashville Invitational Tournament (130pm)

11/30 Lady Rocket Basketball @ Nashville Invitational Tournament (330/5/630/8pm)

11/30 Hornette Basketball @ Nashville Invitational Tournament (330/5/630/8pm)

12/02/19 Lady Rocket Basketball vs Christ Our Rock (745pm)

12/03/19 Hornette Basketball vs Anna-Jonesboro (745pm)

12/04/19 Hornet Basketball vs Wesclin at Mascoutah (6pm)

12/04/19 Rocket Basketball vs Carlyle at Kaskaskian Classic (730pm)

12/05/19 Hornette Basketball @ Sesser-Valier (745pm)

12/06/19 Hornet Basketball vs Mascoutah (730pm)

12/07/19 Rocket Basketball at Kaskaskian Classic (3/430/6/730)

12/07/19 Marion Wildcat Shoot Out (730pm)

12/10/19 Hornette Basketball vs Sparta (745pm)

12/11/19 Lady Rocket Basketball at Sparta (745pm)

12/12/19 Hornette Basketball vs Herrin (745pm)

12/13/19 Hornet Basketballvs Anna-Jonesboro (745pm)

12/14/19 Hornette Basketball vs Okawville (230pm)

12/14/19 Hornet Basketball @ Cahokia (430pm)

12/17/19 Hornet Basketball vs Chester (745pm)

12/20/19 Hornet Basketball @ Sparta (745pm)

12/21/19 Hornette Basketball vs Benton (330pm)

12/21/19 Hornet Basketball vs Benton (630pm)

12/23-28 Hornette Basketball @ Mascoutah Tournament 

12/26-30 Hornets and Rockets @ Mater Dei Tournament (TBA)