State Lawmakers Showing Support for Recreational Marijuana

An Illinois lawmaker from central Illinois is stressing the importance to legalize recreational marijuana, during a community forum.  Democratic Republican Carol Ammons, of Urbana, was one of the speakers during a panel discussion on Monday, in regard to the legalization of recreational cannabis, saying that the industry could drive up economic growth in Illinois.  She stated, “It would help grow microbusinesses in the community and it is important that we pass this bill that produces equity on those businesses.  Ammons has studied regulation and taxation of marijuana since 2004, and she says that revenue from taxing marijuana could be reinvested and used to improve communities.  Democratic Senator Heather Steans, of Chicago, sponsored the bill that would allow anyone over 21-years-old to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis also spoke at the event.  She stated, “It would allow households to grow up to 5 plants, but we are considering whether that should only be for medical patients at home.  Law enforcement agents have concerns on how they will enforce the home growing.”  Steans’ bill maintains that public consumption and driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal, with the bill also allowing landlords to adopt a zero-tolerance policy.