The Washington County Board met on Tuesday for a regular monthly meeting.  At that meeting, they approved a resolution to require permanent index numbers of parcels in the county, on property tax forms, which will help in record keeping.  The highway department presented 2 projects in Hoyleton, at Blue Bird Road for a culvert replacement, for $1,840, and at Magnolia Road for $2,970.  There was also an update on current projects, which includes Jimtown Road being opened back up, and the county highway 5 bridge, which has been removed and beams being put in next week.  Two zoning cases were approved, for Matthew and heather Brand turning 2.5 acres into ag to r1 to build a house, and for Steve Karmeier to turn 2 out of 5 acres into ag to r1 to build a house.  An update was given on the jail roof, which just started, and that a ballot box will be installed at the county building, for real estate taxes to be dropped off.  Board members agreed to sign off their support for all local businesses that lie within boundaries of Washington County, and also present a letter to the governor showing that support, with the legislative committee and the state’s attorney writing up that letter.  Nancy Heseman announced that early voting for the election will be September 25th, with around 1,400 people using the recently approved voting by mail.